Happiness is the best medicine

Well, what a week! On Monday we began our search for a rental property to move in to. We ended up having four inspections booked; two were absolute dumps and two got cancelled because they were already leased. The later I found quite annoying. Why schedule an inspection if you already have applications? Another thing we discovered was that a number of real estate agents schedule inspections for the middle of the day. We’re talking 11am-1pm during the day. This always made me wonder, do they want people who work that can pay rent or what? So we are back to square one again, looking for rental properties with all the specifications we need – pets approved, two bedrooms, in-built wardrobes… Fingers crossed we’ll find something next week! 

Tuesday and Wednesday brought on some health issues for myself and my partner. Nothing major for myself but my partner on the other hand, where do I start. 

Long story short, my partner takes a daily tablet for a number of different health issues.  Recently he has begun feeling achy, run down and constantly tired so on Wednesday his cardiologist asked to see him after seeing a Superclinic GP on Tuesday night. After a few scans and tests it turns out these daily tablets were trying to fix a problem that is no longer there. So good news is some problems are fixed, bad news is his body was trying to dump the excess medication, essentially poisoning him. A liver and kidney function test revealed that he had a major infection and was pumped two bags of IV steroids and antibiotics. Oh, and I forgot to mention, this all happened while I was at work away from my phone, so you can imagine my range of emotions when I went on my lunch break. I’m pleased to say things are looking up and he is feeling better every day. 

I truly believe the saying, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. But happiness, that’s the key. Happiness is a choice you make every morning. Before you plant your feet on the ground when you get out of bed. You choose to be happy. I’ve decided to be happy. I’m working on improving certain areas of my life but honestly, I’m happy with what I have while I’m working towards where I want to be. 

Following on from my previous post, I’m realizing more and more every day how much my emotions affect the people around me, the people I love. I’m becoming more accountable for myself and trying not to be overbearing and stress less. I worry, I always will, but reducing stress in my life will be better for me in the long run. 

Until next time. 

– A. 


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