Moving out of home – the big step

Now, if you’re hoping this is an advice column on moving out of home, click away now. Because let’s be real, I can’t give any advice because I’m still at home. This post is about the rental applications, preparing to move and unfortunately, getting your hopes up.
For about the last 6 months my partner and I have been preparing to move out. Over time we have collected kitchenware, furniture, appliances, storage containers, linen and of course, Tupperware. Not to mention the Christmas tree I purchased after Christmas 2015 (come on, it was $99 reduced from $199 at Myer, how could I refuse…) We have Tetris-packed every nook and cranny of my bedroom, the linen closet, my partner’s bedroom and half of my parent’s single garage. There is stuff literally everywhere. The cramped feeling I get in every room of the house is half the reason I’m so keen to move out.
With moving house comes rental applications, and holy dooley, I see why people hate it so much! You have to fill out personal details, where you’re currently living, where you’ve lived previously, employment details, 100 points of identity, personal references etc. etc. This list just goes on…..and on. I’ve honestly lost count of how many application forms I’ve filled out. We’ve been looking for over a month now and Thursday was the first time we’ve actually been able to submit an application without the place being leased out, potential housemates pulling out or too dodgy to bother.
Unfortunately we didn’t get the place we applied for which, honestly was disappointing, but 1. Everything happens for a reason and 2. There are so many more places out there that are much, MUCH nicer. By the time I drove to the real estate agent, submitted the application and then drove home, it was no more than 15 minutes before I received a text stating something along the lines of – “Your application has been unsuccessful”. I’ll be honest, I cried. Sitting on the couch feeling all flu-y and like a pile of crap, I cried until I snapped out of it and realised it wasn’t the end of the world.
On Saturday my Mum and I looked at four more places. The first one was WAY too small (and smelt like cigarette smoke), the second one was good and we applied for it, the third had a bit too much damage from the previous owner and the fourth we also applied for. So by the end of the weekend we submitted two more applications so fingers are crossed, but I’m not getting my hopes up.
Does anyone have any advice for renting? Let me know!


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