Our new home! 

What a week it has been! My first week living out of home, what a rollercoaster of a week it has been! Let’s start from the beginning of the week shall we? 
Luckily for us with Monday came my payday! Yippee! This meant we were able to pick up some essentials from Aldi. You know cleaning products, milk and bread. All the stuff you need to buy when you first move out of home. 
Tuesday was interesting to say the least! On Tuesday’s I have to quickly run from one job to the other but alas, when I went to leave my day job, my car wouldn’t start! Luckily for me, my partner was working in the area and was able to drop me off for my afternoon at dance. I cannot thank my partner and my parents enough for their help on Tuesday! After my partner dropped me off at work, my parents went back to wait with my car for RACQ. Long story short, I dropped my keys earlier that day and the security chip specifically designed for my car had fallen out and that is why my car didn’t start. So guess who was digging through the bin at 6.30pm Tuesday night? That’s right, me. Luckily I found it and my car is all good now, saving me $300. 
Wednesday is my dance night, and thank goodness for that! I look forward to it every week. I had a pretty crappy day at work, it was both physically and emotionally draining. As exhausted as I was, I forced myself to go and I’m glad I did because I felt so much better for it. This is my 16th year dancing and it will always be my stress relief. I always have and always will love dance. It’s become a part of who I am. 
I had the morning off on Thursday so I invited my grandparents around for morning tea. It was a lovely morning and I made a mean slow cooker chicken drumsticks meal for dinner! Yum yum! 
Friday monthly payday for my partner meant we could actually get some real food in the house. Which made us both much happier!
Saturday was extremely busy but very exciting! After (another) quick trip to Kmart we headed off to Meat City at Morayfield. What an absolute bargain! We got our whole month, yes the WHOLE month worth of meat for $150. How crazy is that! If you’re up near Morayfield I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you’ve got the space in your freezer! After a quick clean of the house we headed up the coast to pick up our pup from my Aunty’s house. They have been looking after Kia (who is almost 9 years old) for just over 6 months and I can’t thank them enough! We are so glad to have her here with us now, we’re all so happy! Saturday night we had my Mum, Dad and sister come over for dinner. Nibbles, roast lamb and veg and apple crumble was the menu and of course lots of love, laughter and of course, alcohol! It was so lovely having the family together again! 
This morning I headed to the Caboolture markets with our lovely friends Dale and Michelle to check out the fruit and veg. I got all of our fruit and veg for $39. It was all so fresh and cheap! I’ll definitely be going back!  

This afternoon was spent down at IKEA with my Mum, sister and Grandma, picking up the last bits and pieces. I know I keep saying it but I think we’ve got everything now! 
We’ve got the spare bedroom to sort out still, which will definitely be done by the end of the week, which means we can hopefully have some housewarming parties soon! Yay! 
Here’s just a few photos of our place! 

This week has also been a bit of a learning curve for the both of us. Even though we’ve practically been living together for over 6 months, it’s completely different when you have the place to yourselves. We’ve, of course, had a few arguments but who doesn’t hey? We sort it out, we get over it and we move on. Simple as that. 
Well I better wrap it up here otherwise dinner will never happen! Which by the way, is Mi Goreng noodles because neither of us could be stuffed cooking tonight! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Make sure you click follow if you want to stay updated with all the ins and outs of my life! 
Lots of love, 



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