Who has the time?

Since moving out of home I have realised how much more I have to do every single day. I now drive an hour to work and an hour home from work. It’s a 90km return trip. And something I have noticed on those long trips is people are becoming more and more impatient. People speed, people cut people off and people don’t look.  I have come to the conclusion that people think there time and life is more important than everyone else’s. But why?


Now, I’m not writing an article to harp on about road safety, because by now we should all know the importance of being safe on the roads. Almost everyday on either my trip to or from work there has been an accident of some sort and it’s chaos. But that’s what our lives are like now. One little thing happens and it’s chaos. Well that’s how I feel anyway. Because we procrastinate. We compromise. We put-off. It bottles itself up and then it all becomes too much. For instance, today I have had a lovely afternoon lying on the couch watching ‘The Newsroom’ (which we got an awesome 2-for-1 Blu-Ray deal on) and the whole time a little voice in the back of my head was saying “You should do some study you know.” or “Don’t you think you should do some washing?” or “I think you should put those dishes away.” I really struggled to sit there and enjoy the show.


But you know what, I deserve it. I should be able to sit down, on the couch and watch one of my favourite shows without feeling guilty. I work my butt off every single day. Don’t I deserve a treat? Some time to relax? But who has the time? Who has the time to sit down and do nothing these days? We never switch off. There’s always something else going on. Whether it be a personal problem, something going viral on social media or just day-to-day chores. You could always be doing something else. It would be nice to just switch off wouldn’t it? Just do absolutely nothing. For a single day. Just switch off. I wish it was easier to just live in the moment. Not everything has to be documented, yet we feel this need to share with our friends what we are doing, or even one-up them – and yes I am guilty of documenting my life on social media. I am literally doing it right now for goodness sake! It’s basically like, “Look what I’m doing while you’re sitting at home on the couch.”


Why do we do this? Why is there this need to constantly be connected to everyone? I don’t know if anyone I know could honestly say they have 450 people in their lives that they consider *actual friends*, but yet a lot of people have 450 Facebook friends because we constantly need to know what everyone is doing of every minute, of every day. They’re not all friends, most are acquaintances or even for some they barely even know them. This constant uploading and scrolling is chewing up valuable time. Why don’t we just live for the moment, use our time wisely.


I guess I’m still a little shaken up by recent events. It really reminded me how quickly circumstances can change. It literally takes a second for everything to be up in the air. I don’t know, I just constantly have this feeling that there are so many selfish and egocentric people out there that have no time for anyone else that I would hate it if I ever came close to being like that.


Now, let’s brighten things up a bit! I’ve had such a lovely weekend and I wanted to share some of it with you. On Saturday I had a wonderful day with my beautiful sister. We went shopping, bought WAY too much and then went to Sushi Train for lunch. Today we met up with two friends, Dale and Michelle at the Caboolture Markets for breakfast and to get our fruit and vegetables for the week. The atmosphere at the markets is always calm, but I find that at any market these days. I enjoy that atmosphere so much, I really look forward to doing our fruit and veg shopping – the cheap prices don’t hurt either! This afternoon was spent on the couch watching TV (as mentioned earlier) and doing a couple of loads of washing. Yes I gave in, but it had to be done.


Another thing I wanted to ask anyone who is still reading is should I create a separate Facebook page for my blog? What do you suggest?


Hope you have a great week!




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