Mid-week Matters #2

Hello friends!


This week for Mid-week Matters I wanted to share with you my Top 5 favourite restaurants for dinner. Some, you may have heard of before, and some maybe not. I’ll also share my favourite dish/es with you too. I have added links to the websites that have the menu online, have a look and let me know what you think if you go!



  • Quan Tanh – Quan Tanh in West End does the BEST Vietnamese/Chinese cuisine. They have opened a second restaurant a couple of doors down which from memory, also does Malaysian food… I think! A lovely family friend, Pita, introduced my family and I to this restaurant many, many years ago and I’m definitely overdue for a trip back there. I remember going there when I turned 16, which is a while back now!

 My favourite dishes: Steamed Dim Sims, Spring Rolls, Salt and Pepper Calamari and Wrap-your-own Rice Paper Rolls. For dessert I would DEFINITELY suggest the Deep Fried Ice Cream with Topping or try a Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee. If you don’t like bitter coffee, I would suggest getting the Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee (white) as they add Sweetened Condensed Milk.

  • The Rustic Olive – The Rustic Olive in Redcliffe is an Italian restaurant on the North-side of Brisbane. They are honestly the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to. Their food is amazing! All the staff are lovely and the food is always perfect. If you are planning to go I would definitely suggest booking in advance as on Friday and Saturday nights they get fairly busy with two service times each of those nights.

My favourite dishes: For entrée I would suggest a Cheesy Calzone or a Spinach and Cheese Calzone. A calzone is basically a type of pizza that is folded in half and filled with delicious goodness like cheese. For main, I’ve only ever had two dishes there and I continue to re-order them over and over because they are that delicious. The two dishes I recommend are Spaghetti Carbonara and Fettuccine Florence. The Fettuccine Florence is a pasta dish which contains prawns, chicken, avocado, sun-dried tomato, onion and spinach in a creamy pasta sauce. Delicious!

  • New Canton Chinese Restaurant – The New Canton Chinese Restaurant in Aspley is the best Chinese take-away I’ve ever had. A few years ago, when I was still doing competitive dance and cheer, we were coming home from a competition around dinner time and found this little restaurant. I’ve never actually eaten in there, only gotten take-away, but it’s never overly busy. Don’t be fooled by the looks, the food is great!

My favourite dish: The Hot and Spicy Shredded Beef is so very, very tasty! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Garland Thai – Garland Thai is a little Thai Restaurant in Cashmere that has only been open for a couple of years. The staff are wonderful and they have both take-away and dine in options. Sometimes, if they are busy there is a slightly longer wait time, but if you order you take-away in advance, it’s not an issue.

My favourite dishes: Garland Thai’s Curry Puffs are my favourite of ALL time! I need to go back and get some they are that good. Even if it means a 40 minute drive! The Red Duck Curry is absolutely delicious and it goes really well with their Coconut Rice.

  • Ashmore Seafood and Steakhouse – I’ve saved the best to last. More commonly known as Ashmore Steak and Seafood, has the best value meals I’ve ever seen. All meals, yes all, including pasta and rice dishes, are served with chips and salad. Garlic bread is complimentary and your meal comes out on a silver platter. I’m not joking. The meals are HUGE! I must say though, their meat dishes are much better than their seafood. So, if you make the trip down there (Gold Coast), I would suggest getting a dish from the Steakhouse, because I ordered a Fisherman’s Basket once and it was nowhere near as good as the Ribs I usually order. I’m talking no where near, as in here to woop-woop. It’s definitely worth the trip to this restaurant but it’s also handy if you’re already staying down the Gold Coast and you’re not sure where to eat. Also, sorry I couldn’t find a menu for this one!

My favourite dishes: The dish I always get from here is the BBQ Pork Ribs. You get a very generous serving of ribs, smothered in sticky sauce which you get all over your fingers, because you can literally pull the bone out of the meat. It is always perfectly cooked. My partner always gets the Peppered Steaks with a side of Pepper Sauce and I swear you can cut that steak with a butter knife. It is so juicy and tender, and there’s always enough to take home in a doggy bag!

So there you have it! My top 5 favourite restaurants for dinner! If you missed last weeks Mid-week Matters, click the link and have a read!


Have a wonderful rest of your week!




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