Mid-week Matters #5

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday! I am now snuggled in at home with a coffee after a huge morning, and that is where I’m planning on staying. With all my health issues going on at the moment, I’m really interested in fixing my diet to support my health even further. I tried eating a few carbs over the weekend and holy dooley did I pay for it afterwards. So now more than ever, I am really interested in how different foods affect the body and the significance it has on my health and more particularly, my digestion.


A few months ago now, just out of sheer curiosity, I purchased the book ‘That Sugar Book’ by Damon Gameau. I powered through it really quickly as it was so, so interesting to me. The book is broken up into four parts in the hope that “[It] will change the way you think about ‘healthy’ food“. I thought I would do a little overview of the book today and tell you what I thought about it.




Part One: The Experiment – 60 days of Sugar


In this part of the book, Damon experiments with his diet as he was curious to know why cutting out sugar when he first met his wife had such a dramatic effect on his body. Over 60 days, Damon would consume 40 teaspoons of sugar a day (yes, per day!) More importantly though, Damon only ate foods that were marketed as “healthy” foods like muesli, breakfast cereals, low-fat yogurt and juices.


Part Two: The Science and What Sugar Did To Me


In just 60 days, Damon had a wide range of results as to what sugar does to the body. As Damon’s health was tested prior to, during and after the experiment, they were able to monitor the effects of the sugar and what it did to his body. I’ll quickly list the parts of the body that were affected by the high amount of sugar. His liver, triglycerides (fat in the bloodstream), cholesterol, weight, waist measurement, moods, increased visceral fat (fat around the organs), appetite, his brain, skin and his body’s defence system. He also was on track for Cardio Vascular Disease and Type 2 diabetes. Obviously at this stage I’m very interested in how fatty liver can be caused by a high sugar (particularly fructose) diet.


Part Three: The Good News – and How I Got Healthy Again


Within two months of Damon returning to his normal sugar-free diet, he had lost 6 of the 8.5kg he gained and all his blood tests had returned to their normal, healthy state. He got through the withdrawal stage  by thinking that he wasn’t giving up anything, he just wanted to live a healthy life again.


I have heard it can be almost impossible to lose abdominal fat unless liver function improves. When it does, the liver can start burning fat efficiently again and the weight will come off. – Page 132, That Sugar Book.


Part Four: The Recipes


This part contains a whole variety of recipes for those wanting to reduce/take out the sugar in their diet. From breakfast, to desserts and snacks, it’s all covered.




I haven’t actually tried any of these recipes yet, but after watching ‘That Sugar Film’ on Monday night, I’m more determined than ever to live a healthier lifestyle. I really enjoyed the documentary because I am a visual person, so the animations, jingles and overall visuals really helped me absorb the information. ‘That Sugar Film’ is actually on Foxtel Anytime at the moment so I encourage you to check it out if you can! I tried sharing some facts with my darling partner, but he’d rather stay “blissfully ignorant”, as he puts it. Lucky for him he has a super fast metabolism (damn him.).


Anyway, there’s my short and sweet (he he!) review of ‘That Sugar Book’ and ‘That Sugar Film’. I’m going to try really hard, more than ever, to incorporate this low/no sugar lifestyle into my diet. I’m already struggling as it is, eating out has got to be the hardest. I’m going to be that weirdo that has to BYO veggies because everything has chips, or mash, or rice or pasta… Mmmm pasta…


And now my coffee is cold…








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