Mid-week Matters #6

It’s that time of the week again! This week I wanted to write about getting a bra that fits well. A woman’s breasts change constantly throughout their lives, but generally it’s a slow development, so it’s not normally noticeable so it feels like they change overnight. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes, weight loss/gain and general ageing all affect breast size, and then of course, bra size. Over the last few months, after some unfortunate weight gain, I noticed my breasts, back, neck and shoulders were really sore and clothes just weren’t looking right due to the unflattering back and boob bulge. This weekend I put my foot down and got professionally fitted at a store in Brisbane. There are so many places that will fit you for free, but make sure you try them on first because usually you can be more than one size depending on the brand, fabric and style of bra.


right size


I found out that if I stayed at the same band size, the size I was wearing was two cup sizes smaller than what I was supposed to be wearing and if I went up a band size, I could stay at the same cup size. No wonder I had that unflattering back bulge! My girls physically couldn’t fit in the bra. Now, I’ve probably lost some male readers by this point, seeing as on the surface this is aimed at women, but if you keep on reading I might save you an earache if you can help your significant female find a better fitting bra.




There are a few things you need to do when trying on a bra. When you first put the bra on make sure you lean forward so that your  breasts fall nicely into the cup. Clasp the bra together on the end one as generally I find the fabric stretches with wash and wear. I would suggest taking a close friend or family member with you to do the following checks, it really helps when you can’t see your own back!


  • Check the band – The band should sit in a straight, horizontal line across your back. If it is too tight it will cut into you back (causing back bulges), if it is too loose it will ride up towards your neck.
  • Straps – The band should be providing 80% of the support so if the straps are digging in, leaving red marks or falling off your shoulders, you may need to adjust the length of the straps or go down a band size so they are only providing the last 20% of support.
  • The cup – The underwire should sit flat against your ribs. If they cut into your breast and create an epic side boob, the cup is too small. If they are wrinkling in the cup area or sitting high under your arm, they may be too big.




Wearing the wrong bra size can cause all sorts of muscular problems with your neck, back and shoulders, and even your breast tissue may have irreversible damage, including the dreaded sagging and some chest pain. If you haven’t had a refit in the last 6 months I encourage you to go as soon as you can, because believe me it makes the world of difference! This week has been so wonderful now that I am wearing the correct fitting bra. My clothes even look better because everything is sitting where it is supposed to.




Sorry, I had to put this comic in! I have a little giggle every time! On a completely different topic, who’s heard Fergie’s new song M.I.L.F. $? I love it! It’s been on repeat and if you haven’t listened to it yet, get on YouTube now (I’ve linked it above)! Have a lovely rest of the week, we are on the downhill slope now! If you missed my last post, here’s the link – Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Also don’t forget to check out my Instagram account for the Love Yourself Challenge! We need so many more people involved in spreading the self-love.




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