Anxiety and Me

Recently I have been struggling a lot more than usual with my anxiety. I’m allowing it to control me and my thoughts sometimes, and in certain situations it’s getting worse and worse and I freak out. At the start of the week I knew I wanted to write about my anxiety but it was going to be more of a negative undertone due to the fact that is where my head was at at that point. Luckily, throughout this week I’ve received massive support from loved ones and they’ve given me some advice about how to help change my mindset. Now instead, I’m going to write about how I’m helping myself overcome this mental illness. But first a little back story…


You know the saying ‘mind over matter’? I believe when it comes to anxiety it’s totally true. You can’t let your mind control the situation. Trust me, I know how hard it is. I still have melt downs and freak outs, my hands shake, I cry, I start hyperventilating. I know it’s hard to pull yourself together. I had an anxiety attack last night because I was lost in the middle of no where. Google Maps tried to take me up some track, through someone’s property that is only suitable for 4WD’s. [Good one Google Maps] I completely lost my sense of direction, I was practically driving around aimlessly until I found somewhere I could pull over (there was lot’s of one way roads where I was) and call my partner. Eventually after 2 hours I got to where I needed to be but it was an awful time to say the least. I realise now that I let my anxiety get to me. It was saying “You’re lost in the dark. You don’t know where you are. You’re car’s a piece of shit that can barely climb a small hill. It’d just be easier to go home.” That was the part that hit the worst. “It would just be easier to go home.” That’s when I realised I was letting my anxiety get the better of me. I’m glad I eventually made it to my friend’s 21st but it was only with the reminder of mind over matter that I actually got there.




This week my Mum suggested that I put positive affirmations up around the house and I immediately started feeling better. I used a program I found on Pinterest called Canva to create some graphics of positive affirmations. Click the link to check it out, it’s a really great program. Anyway, I printed off about 10 different positive affirmations designed to help keep me in a positive mindset. Every room of the house has at least one and it’s just that subtle reminder to stay positive. It’s a reminder to myself to say “Yes I actually can do it” or “Don’t be so hard on yourself”. It’s reminder that my future is bright and I have so many wonderful things in my life to come. One thing I did find when creating the positive affirmations is that most of my backgrounds are of the beach or the outdoors. Maybe that’s my subconscious telling me I’m due for a holiday *hint, hint* I wish! I try to post positive affirmations and quotes on my Instagram quite regularly so let me know if you’d like to keep seeing them.


I would also love to hear how you handle your anxiety. What do you do when you have an anxiety attack? How do you stay positive? If you don’t want to publicly talk about it you can always personal message me on The Bear and Me’s Facebook or Instagram accounts. I am always up for a chat and I’ll provide at least a listening ear, if not some support and guidance if I can.


Lots of Love to you all! Stay strong.




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