Mid-week Matters #11

Hello my lovelies! Happy hump day! Hope all my Brisbanites had a wonderful Ekka holiday day off and if you went to the races, I hope your hangover isn’t a bad one! For me, Chemist Warehouse is a danger zone. I go in to buy one thing, in this case my Sukin Cream Cleanser – read more about that here – and I come out with 5 extra things I may (or may not) need. This particular time I went on a nail polish shopping spree because they had Sally Hansen nail polishes on sale for 50% off. I decided a while back that I need to start pampering myself. I seriously love getting my nails painted at a salon, or getting a facial or something along those lines, but because I am currently saving my ass off I decided on a cheaper alternative. I figure, at least I’ll become good at painting my nails this way.


I purchased 5 Sally Hansen nail polishes, from different ranges, as well as a Rimmel London top coat I just couldn’t leave behind. If you look at the picture above I’ll be describing the products going left to right. So let’s start with the red nail polish, I will link all the nail polishes to the website so you can have a look at their full range, and maybe even purchase a few…


I believe every girl (or boy if you’re interested in painting your nails) should have a red nail polish in their collection. This nail polish is called 554 New Flame. It is a beautiful red colour, with a slight orange tint to it. This nail polish, along with the following two colours, is from their Complete Salon Manicure range. It boasts ‘7 Benefits in One Bottle’ and it is supposed to leave a salon quality finish. I’m looking forward to trying this colour.


The next shade is 120 Luna Pearl and it is the shade I have been wearing on my nails all week. It is an absolutely gorgeous iridescent polish that has purple undertones. I found with this polish, because it is a lighter shade, you do definitely need to apply two coats but it is definitely worth it for the finished product.


Following along to 216 You Glow, Girl! You Glow, Girl is exactly what the name states, it is a natural-looking, gold, shimmery, glowy polish that reminds me of a perfect highlight colour. The shade is perfect if you are going for natural, understated look and it would match pretty much any outfit. But don’t be fooled by my description, it definitely isn’t sheer, it is a beautiful and opaque formula that looked stunning when I swatched it on my nail.


The next nail polish I picked is from their Miracle Gel range. Chemist Warehouse had two-packs of the Gel Colour Coat and the Gel Top Coat put together for a really good price so I thought… Why not! I couldn’t find this product on the Sally Hansen website but Amazon do sell the duo pack. The shade I purchased was 610 Headed Nude-Where. This shade, as the name states, is a nude shade. The main reason I purchased this product is because it is a gel polish that you don’t need a UV light for it to set. It just sets in natural light. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this out, because if it works, I’ll probably buy more because I love the look and lasting power of gel nail polish. As I work in childcare, and am constantly washing my hands, I need a nail polish that is going to last. So finger’s crossed!


The next polish I purchased is from the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear range. According to their website, you’re supposed to apply two coats to bare, dry nails and let dry. That’s it. The polish I picked up is 295 Pixel Perfect. This polish is clear polish with bits of black and white ‘pixels’ in different shapes and sizes. It is a really cool polish and looks great by itself or over the top of another polish as a top coat.


The last polish is from Rimmel London as part of the Finishing Touch Top Coats range. It is the Glitter Top Coat and Oh. My. Goodness! It’s just beautiful! I’ve been wearing this top coat over Luna Pearl and I haven’t been able to stop looking at my nails shimmer and shine all week.


What’s your favourite nail polish? Do you have a brand or shade you swear by? Let me know, I’d love to try it out! By the way, how good are the names for cosmetic products?! I always get to have a giggle when I’m searching for new shades!






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