If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet

Negative people. You know the ones. The big, black holes in your life? The people that suck the positive thoughts and happiness out of your life. Well they can just go (excuse the language) f**k off. Negative people, negative thoughts and negative environments all have an impact on your inner thoughts and feelings. When you are surrounded by negative people, they pull you down, they create problems for you. Like they say, negative people have a problem for every solution.


I honestly can’t stand being around negative people, because when I do, I go downhill fast. This isn’t going to be some sad, soppy post about my anxiety because, 1. I’ve done a few of them now, and 2. I have actually been feeling really wonderful the last few weeks and it’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve had a panic attack. I know that I need to prepare myself for things I could be possibly anxious or nervous about. For example, this coming week I have a day procedure coming up. I’m not going to lie, I am a bit nervous at the moment, but I am putting measures in place to help deal with it and remain positive throughout the preparation for the procedure.


Anyway… let’s start with negative people. At the moment I can’t stand negative people. They make me so irritable and their negative energy transfers on to me and that’s just not acceptable for me, I don’t need negative people in my life. They are the people who always seem to have a problem. Even when you have the solution, they still have a problem. Being around negative people is so mentally draining. It is just a constant battle with those people. You know the people right? Every time you talk to them you prepare yourself for a rant about how horrible their life is. And your life couldn’t possibly be worse than their life. That just wouldn’t be allowed. When you are around negative people you feel like you can’t vent to them because they will always have a problem bigger than yours, or make you feel like you’re not allowed to talk about your problems. It’s just bullshit. You need to be around people who are positive about their lives. People who don’t complain about their problems every time they see you. I’m not saying it’s not good to vent, because for me it’s one of the best forms of therapy. Everyone needs to vent sometimes. But you vent to move on from it, not to create more problems.


Negative thoughts, the little nasty thoughts that just sit at the back of your mind. I’ve always struggled with negative thoughts. Whether it be about how I look, how I feel, the people around me or the circumstances I’m in. Negative thoughts always just seem to peek back through when I’m feeling down. Because my negative thoughts were beginning to affect the people around me, I knew I needed to make a change. Lately, I have been actively trying to only have positive thoughts, and I give myself a mental slap on the wrist if any of those negative thoughts come searching for despair. I’m not going to say I don’t have any negative thoughts at all, because let’s be honest, I do. There are just some days I’d rather stay in bed because I don’t feel like dealing with people, but I get up anyway. That’s all you have to do. No matter how crappy a situation or a person may be, you get up anyway.


You know how sometimes the environments around you just have a bad vibe or negative feeling? An environment you just can’t stand to be in. Whether it be the people in that environment causing it or just the environment itself, a bad environment is a bad environment at the end of the day. If something doesn’t bring you good vibes then stay the heck away. Bad environments literally surround you with negativity. At one point or another there has always been a negative environment of some sort in my life. It changes every now and then when other circumstances in that environment change but I think there will always be at least one place that just feels wrong to me.


Negative anything is bad for you in my opinion. Recently I began following the most amazing Instagram account ever. It’s Megan Jayne Crabbe and her account name is @bodyposipanda. She is honestly the most amazing lady I have ever followed and I wish I had the body positive head space and confidence she has. I don’t have the balls to post photos like she does but I wish I did because she is so freaking honest and her feed makes me so damn happy and proud to be a woman. She encourages and teaches women to accept themselves and whenever I am having a down moment, I head on over to her account just to be reminded, I am enough. She also has a website here.


My goal is to be positive about every aspect of my life. Work, life, body and love. I am enough just the way I am and no negative people are allowed in my happy life.


Until next time.




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