My Bucket List

At 12 noon earlier today I was able to check ‘Complete the 40 Hour Famine’ off my bucket list. From 8pm Friday to 12pm Sunday I did not eat a single thing. All I was allowed was water, tea and barley sugars. It was a massive challenge but all the money I raised is going to a great cause. Donations are still being accepted until the end of August so if you would like to donate, click the link here! In light of completing the 40 Hour Famine, I thought I would share my top five things I want to do before I die with you all. Some may be small, some may take me to other countries, but I would eventually like to complete them all. So here we go!


Get Married and Have Children


This has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. I know it sounds lame and corny but I feel like I am meant to be a Mum. It comes so naturally to me to be around children and I want to do that with a loving husband by my side. Some people may say, “You’re too young to have kids” or “It’s not the right time” but I know what I want and marriage and children is my number one.


Buy a house


Another boring one I know but I cannot stand the thought of renting forever. The fact that we have to ask someone else to fix things around the house, and then it doesn’t actually get fixed for over 4 months is driving me nuts! Also, it is irritating that we can’t hang things on the walls and make the house our own. It is driving me to save for a house even more. Buying a house will be one of my biggest accomplishments after (or should I say, hopefully before) getting married and having children so I cannot wait for it to happen!


Travel around Europe


At the moment I am a bit dubious about travelling to Europe but it is something I would like to do one day. I would honestly plan to spend at least three months over there and just take my time travelling around Europe. The main countries I would like to visit are England, France, Spain, Greece and Italy. I do however, need to get my diet sorted out before going over there because I’ll be damned if I don’t get to eat pasta in Italy and a fresh croissant in France.


Roadtrip around Australia


When I was a kid, my family and I used to drive down to a town in Northern Victoria called Eskdale every two years. Mum used to make up these books filled with colouring-in sheets, noughts and crosses games, dot-to-dots, word searches and bingo. We never got bored. It took about two days to get down there but it was always so much fun. I would one day love travel all the way around Australia, even down to Tasmania in a car (and obviously a boat). I want to see everything there is to see. I want to see the small country towns and the big tourist attractions. This may need to wait until I am retired but we’ll see where life takes me!


Write a book


This is a more recent one I have discovered since I started The Bear and Me. I have started brainstorming some ideas in my pink notebook I bought especially for planning but nothing has been written yet. I know what I want to write about, and I’ve even got ideas to extend it further. It’s just taking that big leap and beginning to write it that is the scary part. I’m currently waiting to finish my study before I start writing but I always have these anxious thoughts, ‘What if no one likes my writing?’ and ‘What if I’m not a good writer?’ and that is putting me off a little but it is definitely something I would like to accomplish. If you have any tips or advice on writing a book, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message. I’d love some advice!


So there it is! The top 5 things currently on my bucket list. I am in the process of writing a fairly long and in-depth post on a potentially controversial and sensitive topic so keep you’re eyes out for that in the next few weeks. It should be interesting! If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the in’s and out’s of my life don’t forget The Bear and Me is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! So chuck us a follow!


See you next week!




2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Pita says:

    Hello lovely. Go and get “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert out of the library for help with your writing. Actually, it’s more of thoughts about creativity, but it will totally address your ‘no one wants to read my stuff’ anxiety head on. And by the way, I would love to read what you write – so get at it!

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