Our Lovely Day

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend has flown by! It can’t already be Sunday evening… Today in an effort to get out of the house and actually spend some time together (we don’t see each other much during the work week because of the hours I am working and my study commitments) I decided to plan a little day trip up the Sunshine Coast for my partner and I.


I’ve done the Noosa National Park walk before, about two years ago, and I’ve always wanted to take my partner as the views are stunning! So we headed off and just over an hour later we arrived. Cue leg cramps and feet going to sleep… I’m so not used to driving that long without being in peak hour traffic! I swear we drove around for at least another 30 minutes trying to find a car park, but once we did we were on our way.




The map above shows the five walking tracks you can do through the headland. We walked the Coastal Track (blue line) which is about 3 km from the car park up to Hell’s Gates. From there we walked around the headland and took the Tanglewood Track (orange line) which creates in total a 6.9 km circuit.


The walk itself is pretty easy and the views along the Coastal Track are an extra bonus. The Tanglewood Track is an inland track so you’re walking through the rainforest and open eucalypt woodland. We were walking during the middle of the day, so the rainforest added a nice cool change.


I was so pleased that it was nice weather today because the weather has been all over the place this week and I really wanted to have a little date with my man. Despite my minor whingeing at the end (my legs were sore! Haha!) and me squealing and hiding from a lizard right at the end we enjoyed our walk and then we had a picnic lunch before heading home.


I’m just going to add in a few photos I took along the way so you can see how truly beautiful it is! There is something so calming about looking out to the ocean. You can’t see anything but ocean for ages and it’s just refreshing and relaxing. One day. One day I will live near the beach… Until then, it’s time for work tomorrow and more adult responsibilities… Time to look at the pretty pictures!




What did you get up to this weekend? Let me know by leaving a comment! Don’t forget to follow The Bear and Me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest xx


I may do a Mid-week Matters post this week to update you on some health stuff, but we will see how crazy my week turns out to be.




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