A little bit of R’n’R

At the start of this month, my partner surprised me with a weekend away up the Sunshine Coast. We went to a little place called ‘Alaya Escape’ in Eudlo, which is in between Mooloolah Valley and Palmwoods. I had such an amazing time and I thought I’d share it with you. 

As it was a long weekend we stayed Saturday and Sunday night. The room we stayed in was a studio room that had a double spa bath next to the fireplace. There was a breakfast platter provided which included eggs, bacon, English muffins, pancake mix, milk, jam and butter. There was also my favourite drink, coffee, in the cupboard. Winning! The kitchen has a full gas stove,  bar fridge and sink with plates, cutlery and most importantly wine glasses. 

Over the course of the weekend I think I had approximately 5 spa baths which I throughly enjoyed. The spa was big enough to fit me and my 6ft 4in partner together which was so enjoyable. Water is my happy place. Baths, showers and the ocean in particular. So being able to have a soak in the spa was absolutely blissful. They are an environmentally sustainable retreat and they use tank water which means the water can be slightly tinged because of the tannins from the leaves. Apparently this is actually good for your skin and I agree because my skin felt so wonderful every time I got out of the bath. 

On Sunday morning we got up and my partner cooked me breakfast and made me coffee and we enjoyed it out on the balcony, overlooking the rest of the retreat. 

We took some time while having breakfast to decide what we were going to do that day. We were thinking Australia Zoo, The Big Pineapple, local markets and one of the many beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches nearby. Nothing really sold me so we decided to have a day of nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you know what, it was the best thing we could’ve done, or not done! 
After breakfast we headed down to the villa next to the pool. In this area they have a variety of outdoor furniture with Balinese style soft furnishings. There is a bookcase filled with a number of books and a bar fridge run on an honour system. How old-school is that?! 

After I had finished my second coffee that my partner so lovingly made for me, we both laid in the sun and sun baked for a while as the pool was still too cold. I did hop in the pool later that afternoon but it was freezing! 

On Sunday night we went to the Palmwoods Hotel for dinner where I enjoyed a few cocktails while watching the first half of the NRL grand final. During half time we drove home, started the fire and ran yet another bath to soak in while watching the second half. 
On Monday morning after breakfast and tidying the room, we both each enjoyed a 45 minute massage before heading home. I’m pretty sure I had about 10 knots down my spine from work! 

Overall I had a much needed and restful weekend. The owner is so incredibly down to earth and we will certainly be back next year. 
A little bit of R’n’R is needed every now and then. An escape from reality is good for both mental and physical health. 
The link to the website is here. Have a look if you’re interested, it definitely won’t disappoint. Where’s your favourite place to get away from everything?  


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