21 Lessons in 21 Years

As I am almost a month into being 21, I thought I would write about a few lessons I have learned on the way to 21! Let’s go!


One: Save your money – Learn how to save so that you can do big things like buy a car or a house or buy that $80  eyeshadow palette you’ve been dying to try!


Two: Travel – Travel while you can! The best experiences always happen when you’re out of your comfort zone, and who isn’t out of their comfort zone when travelling? Oh the places I want to go!


Three: A few quality friends is better than twenty average ones – Why waste your time on half-assed friends? I would much rather spend my time on friends who love and care about me as much as I do towards them.


Four: You probably won’t keep in contact with many high school friends – and that’s ok! I probably keep in contact with less than ten high school friends. We may not see each other very often but it’s like nothing has changed when we catch up for a birthday or BBQ.


Five: It’s OK to cry – Sometimes having a big ol’ sob and cry is what you need to get over something. It’s how I deal with a lot of things. It’s not ideal, but it’s what I need every now and then.


Six: The best is yet to come –  There are always better days ahead and when you think you’ve had to best day ever, there’s an even better one around the corner!


Seven: University isn’t for everyone – When I was at school, because I was a fairly academic student, I felt a lot of pressure to go to uni. Uni wasn’t for me, at all! I hated it and thank goodness I decided to quit and try something else because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I never did that!


Eight: Cherish your family – Family time is something that is very important to me and I cherish every moment with them.


Nine: Try new things – During high school in particular I was always too scared to try new things but ever since I left high school I have gained so much confidence and I’m willing to try so many new things. You never know unless you try!


Ten: If there’s a problem, fix it –  There is no point sitting around fixated on a problem if you aren’t going to do anything about it. Fix the problem and move on.


Eleven: You don’t have to settle – There is no reason why you should have to settle for anything. If you’re not happy with a situation or a person, don’t stop working until it’s where you want to be. Second best is never good enough for me.


Twelve: Always have an emergency fund – You’re never going to know when you’ll need cash fast. Whether it be a fine or you need new tyres, it’s always good to have back up money!


Thirteen: True love does exist – Some people may not believe it but the minute I laid eyes on my man I knew he was the one. Corny, I know!


Fourteen: Bad days don’t last forever – When you’re having the absolute worst day just remember, tomorrow is a new day.


Fifteen: Just keep swimming – As some of you may know, this is the motto I live by. When the going gets tough, I just keep swimming and eventually everything works out.


Sixteen: Learn to cook and clean – I am so glad I was brought up learning to cook and clean from a young age. I will now pretty much try any recipe and I have a passion for baking because of my Grandparents a.k.a I get to lick the bowl and spoon.


Seventeen: Take chances – Sometimes you just have to take a leap and hope for the best. Like I said before, you never know until you try, sometimes that chance might be the best decision you ever make.


Eighteen: Nothing is as bad as it seems – As a chronic over-thinker, I make everything seem worse than it is even when it’s really not that bad. There’s a solution to every problem.


Nineteen: Eat the cake! – Life’s too short to miss out on the occasional treat here and there. Note: I said occasional. I do not suggest eating a whole cake everyday, as delicious as it may be…


Twenty: Learn to manage your time – I have lost countless hours of sleep due to the fact that I procrastinate. I have gone to school and work on less than 4 hours sleep multiple times. Not fun, some people have said ‘It’s practice for when you have kids!’. Oh and by the way, this post isn’t being published late because I procrastinated, I just prioritised family time this afternoon and I’m so glad I did!


Twenty One: It’s OK to spoil yourself – I feel so incredibly selfish when I take time for myself or even spend money on myself. It’s a bad habit I’m working on but I just need to remember how good it feels when I take time for myself.


What’s a lesson you learnt before turning 21? I’d love to read them! Don’t forget to leave a comment.


Until next time!






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