FODMAPPED for you!

What a week it has been! It’s time for the next segment of FODMAP Friday’s! This week I wanted to share with you a brand my dietician shared with me. It is called ‘FODMAPPED for you!‘ It claims to be the world’s first FODMAP friendly dedicated brand. They have a range of products which include pasta sauces, stocks, simmer sauces and soups. The whole range is gluten-free and doesn’t include any garlic or onion, and of course, doesn’t include ingredients that are high in FODMAPs.


I picked up two products from their range, the Slow Roasted Vegetable Tomato Pasta Sauce and the Chicken Slow Cooked Stock. At the moment this brand is only stocked at Coles and Independent Health Food Stores but keep in mind it is quite expensive, like anything in the health food aisle is. The pasta sauce was $6.50 and the stock $8.67. In my opinion, its worth the price considering the lack of flavour I’ve been having to deal with since starting the low FODMAP diet.



I’ve currently got the Slow Roasted Vegetable Tomato Pasta Sauce in the slow cooker with some beef pieces for dinner tonight. I will update you all when I’ve tried it tonight! It smells delicious at the moment.


Keep an eye out for Sunday’s blog post… Here’s a hint – Christmas is coming!




10 thoughts on “FODMAPPED for you!

  1. 3rdofthe3rd says:

    What are both of them like? have you tried adding asafoetida to your cooking its like having garlic/onion flavor without the pain. Struggling to get things in the UK. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep smiling.


    • Ash says:

      They were both delicious and I use both on a regular basis. I haven’t used asafoetida. But I use garlic oil and chilli oil in my cooking. It’s great and you can even make it yourself at home! My mum also made me some dried shallots which are great for the onion flavour!

      Can you get Massel’s stock cubes? They’re FODMAP friendly and are great for adding flavour! I can let you know of some other products I use if you like? -A xx


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