Weekend Adventure – Stony Creek

Weekends are for adventures, and this weekend we went to Stony Creek Swimming Hole. Stony Creek is located in the Moreton Bay region, at the southern end of the Bellthorpe Forest Reserve, on the Conondale Ranges. It’s about 30 minutes from Caboolture, Queensland.  As the name suggests, Stony Creek is definitely stony, so if you have sensitive feet like myself, I’d suggest packing some reef shoes. I made this mistake and 1. I took ages to get anywhere and 2. My feet are now very sore. 

But the view. The view is beautiful. It is so peaceful and it truly is a stunning natural swimming hole. The water flows through pebbles and stones down into the swimming hole. It then continues to flow onto Somerset Dam. The creek is completely surrounded by bushland and is accessible from the Stony Creek Day-Use Area. It does involve a dirt track, but my sister’s little Kia Rio could handle it so I’m guessing any car would. 
We took our pool noodles and once I got used to the fairly cold water, it was really relaxing floating around the water. For the most part you can stay standing but there are sections of deeper water. And the best part for me, no phone reception! So you can completely switch off and enjoy your time there. Pack a picnic and your swimmers and you’re set! 

Where’s your favourite natural swimming hole or creek? We have so many around us that I’m keen to explore but I want to know your favourite! I’m happy to travel up to the Sunshine Coast and down to the Gold Coast. I just want to relax on Sunday’s and that’s the plan! 



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