30 Days. 

For the next 30 days I have decided to give up both alcohol and coffee. I still get the feeling that something isn’t 100% right with my body and I want to start here and see what a month without alcohol and coffee does to my body. I’m going to take before and after photos and record how I’m feeling at regular intervals. After the 30 days is up I’ll blog about it and may even continue it. 
I’m not doing this “detox” I guess you could call it, because I’m addicted, because I’m not. Over a week I may have 3 or so coffees and roughly a bottle of wine. That’s over a week, sometimes it’s less, sometimes slightly more alcohol depending on our social calendar. I’ve always struggled to lose weight and lately I’ve been suffering with more than normal fluid retention. (#notpregnant) And as far as I can remember, the only time I ever lost weight was when I gave up alcohol for 12 weeks when I did the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. So I thought to myself, why not try again. You’re stuck in a bit of a rut and you’re not feeling your best. Let’s cut out two of the biggest toxins you consume. 
Originally I was just going to give up alcohol but after doing some research, I decided to do coffee as well. I haven’t given up caffeine all together because I’m going to be drinking tea and some teas have caffeine. There are so many health benefits to giving up alcohol and coffee such as,

  • Better sleep 
  • Lower stress hormone 
  • Less anxiety 
  • Reduced headaches 
  • Almost guaranteed weight loss
  • Whiter teeth 
  • Increased emotional intelligence 
  • Clearer complexion 
  • More money

and so much more. 
So, why not? I’ve read so many stories about people feeling 100x better when they don’t drink alcohol or coffee and with my IBS and low FODMAP diet I’m supposed to be avoiding them anyway as they’re an irritant. Speaking of the low FODMAP diet, starting tomorrow I’m re-introducing foods into my diet week by week with the help of my dietician. How it works is for three consecutive days of that week I need to consume a set amount of that food. Then I record how I’m feeling, if I have a severe reaction after day 1, I stop. This week I am re-introducing mannitol. Which for me is mushrooms. I need to consume half a cup of mushrooms once a day for three days and then have a break for four days until the next week starts. That’s the basics of it and I would definitely not recommend doing this without the help of your dietician. 
I’m slightly nervous about this part of the diet because I know there are foods on the list that I definitely react to but I’m also excited to discover what foods I can re-introduce into my diet. I’ve been on the fairly restrictive diet for quite a few months now but still haven’t been 100% so I’m doing what I can to help myself feel better before seeing my doctor again in a few weeks. Thankfully I haven’t had to see her in a few months but I think it’s time to re-evaluate. Fingers crossed! 


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