My Current Skincare Routine

I love taking care of my skin and I do everything I can to keep it healthy. Recently I started dry brushing to help decongest my lymphatic system and already my skin is so soft. I’ll talk more about dry brushing later in this post, so keep reading! I use a variety of products and some I’ve been using for over a year, some are more recent but I use them because they make a difference to my skin and I wouldn’t share products that don’t work, now would I?



Salt + Glow – Coffee Bean Eye Serum

Now, I’ve talked about Salt + Glow before. They are one of the many businesses that I have discovered since starting The Bear and Me and I seriously love their products. This Coffee Bean Eye Serum seriously brightens the dark circles under my eyes, and because my eye area is moisturised, I find it a lot easier to apply my eye make up. It blends out so perfectly when I use this eye serum in the morning. This product can be used twice a day but I find once a day is enough because it is so moisturising.



Healthy Care – Gold Flake Anti-Ageing Face Serum

I posted about this product on my Instagram earlier this week and it is still so amazing. It’s such a light product but it literally makes my skin glow! Sometimes I find moisturisers too heavy, especially in this heat, but this product gives me enough moisture to keep my skin hydrated but it doesn’t leave me feeling like I am wearing a mask all day long. It doesn’t melt off when I sweat either, it bonds with my skin straight away. Added bonus is that it promotes cell renewal and reinforces the structure of the skin. But wait there’s more, it’s less than $15 from Chemist Warehouse. #winning. I also really like the design of the packaging. It pushes the serum up so you don’t waste a single drop. I love it when companies do that!




Next up is my Sukin Cream Cleanser. I have been using this facial cleanser for well over a year now and I still love it just as much as the first time I tried it. It’s full of natural ingredients and it’s so gentle on my skin. There is no harsh chemicals or drying ingredients and it leaves my face feeling so fresh and soft. This product is suitable for vegans and has a whole list on the back of the packaging showing how amazing it is. See for yourself!




Salt + Glow – Body Polish

Now my favourite in-shower exfoliating product would have to be this one. I tend to stick to coffee bean based scrubs as I like the smell better and I like the feel of it on my skin. I have a few different coffee bean scrubs that I am using at the moment but this is my favourite. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and doesn’t feel dry when I hop out of the shower. This is another 100% natural, made in Australia product.



First ingredient, Love.

Earlier this week I began dry brushing to help drain my lymphatic system. Dry brushing is a dry exfoliation technique that helps unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. About one-third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin, so if you’re pores are clogged, they become stuck. Dry brushing takes around 5 minutes or so and has a number of benefits, including, exfoliating off dead skin, stimulating the lymphatic system, helps reduce cellulite and unclogs pores. I originally was doing this every morning and I could actually feel the fluid moving under my skin, it’s a really energising feeling. However, because my lymphatic system seems to be quite clogged up, it started making me unwell due to the rush of toxins in my system. So I am now doing it once every two days to help ease myself into it. I have always seemed to have a clogged up lymphatic system and because of that, whenever I get sick, my face, neck and chest fills up with fluid. Hopefully, draining my lymphatic system will help me to be healthier and not hold on to so much fluid. After I have dry brushed I have a hot shower, and right at the end I make it as cold as I can handle. This also helps stimulate the lymphatic system. After my shower I lather myself up with a mix of coconut oil and essential oils such as lemon, tea tree, lavender and peppermint to help with relaxation and fluid retention. I have already noticed less fluid in my hands and my skin is so incredible soft. Someone even commented on how soft it was yesterday.



My dry brushing brush.

If you are thinking about doing dry brushing, I would definitely suggest reading up on it first because if it is not done properly it can make your problems worse. Also I made the mistake of starting it practically straight after giving up alcohol and coffee. So I was going through a detox from both of those things at the same time and it was not good. I felt dizzy, nauseous and basically flu-like. I felt like I had a fever, when I didn’t, even in air conditioning. Luckily now all I seem to have now is a bit of a runny nose and a slight cough.


Over the next few weeks I am going to get lymphatic draining massage done and hopefully get in to see an acupuncturist I have been referred to by a family friend. Hopefully all of these things combined will help me become a healthier person inside and out. See you next week!





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