All Kinds of Me – Breakthrough Besties Post

This week I was fortunate enough to be asked to write a piece for Bron from All Kinds of Me. This lovely lady is like my twin! We have gone through so many of the same issues and hardships, we find it really easy to relate to each other. Although she currently lives in London, she is a fellow Aussie and is an all-round wonderful person.


Each month Bron features someone who will write about overcoming challenges, or a breakthrough moment in their lives. This is what ‘Breakthrough Besties’ is all about. I decided to write about my anxiety, as over the last year I really feel like I have made leaps and bounds in a positive direction while managing my anxiety.


The concept of not being good enough is a battle I have faced for many years now. That negative head space, constantly reiterating, you aren’t good enough, when the tiniest thing goes south. This topic is actually something I’m really passionate about because it is one of the reasons I started blogging. I began blogging in February 2016 and my oh my, what a year it has been! Last year I was in a really bad place, at the time I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad until I reflected back on it. A year ago I was struggling big time with my mental health. I had physical health issues for over a year and I had that many tests, doctor’s appointments and specialist appointments that I always put off going to the doctor because it always brought bad news, or worse, no news. That’s why I put off seeking help for my anxiety for so long. I have struggled on and off with anxiety since 2007. My first anxiety attack was terrifying and I didn’t realise what it was until many years later. My anxiety has always played on my insecurities and that’s why for so long I lived with not feeling like I’m good enough.


Click the link to visit Bron’s website and read the rest of the post here.




If you would like to read more of her posts (which are brilliant) you can find her website at , or you can follow her on social media on Instagram – @_allkindsofme_, Twitter – @_allkindsofme_ or on Facebook –






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