30 Days Free. 

Well I did it! Tomorrow I will officially have done 30 days with no alcohol and no coffee! It definitely wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be but I thought I would run you through some things I felt throughout the last month.
I was going really well the first few days but then on day four I had massive coffee cravings. On that day nothing hit the spot, all I wanted was coffee. The next day I felt like I was going through massive withdrawals, I had the worst headaches, I was constantly sweating, I felt nauseous, I couldn’t concentrate, I was dizzy and my anxiety was starting to play up again. I had read this was normal and after a day or two it went away but then I came down with a sinus infection and a cold for over a week. Even though I was sick I felt less bloated and I didn’t feel heavy on my feet. #winning. 
After I got better, my partner and I went out for dinner and a movie and that was the first time I felt like a glass of wine. But I was good and stuck to my soda water! From then on I haven’t had any cravings whatsoever, I’ve much preferred to drink tea. I generally switch between English Breakfast, Chai Tea (not powder – it’s SO full of sugar) or Peppermint Tea, depending on what time of day it is. 
In the last week or so I have definitely noticed my bloating has increased again but I am still in the process of introducing my high FODMAP foods so at the moment I am attributing my weight gain to that as both my dietician and doctor can’t pinpoint it on anything else.
I had another set of blood tests done last week and nothing came back. Which was good but also annoying. With me, when I get no news from test results I don’t really know how to feel, because, I should feel happy that something else has been ruled out, but I also feel disappointed that they once again haven’t found anything. I was joking around with Mum this week saying that I need to go to a hospital and see a doctor like House (you know the TV show?) and stay there until they figure out what’s wrong! But this week I am going back to see my gastroenterologist for my 6 month check up after my colonoscopy and endoscopy last year and then a couple of days later I’m back at the doctors. I am also planning on seeing someone about naturotherapy. I’m at the point where I’ll try anything and I have heard lots of good things about this form of therapy. Has anyone hear tried naturotherapy beforehand? What did you think of it?
My lymphatic drainage massage is going really well and I’m noticing an almost immediate reduction in the amount of fluid in my body. I feel like I can breathe properly after I get it done and you can tell my blood is circulating properly again because my face gets really flushed. I’m getting my massage one about once a fortnight and it seems to be a good amount of time for me. 
From tomorrow I will only be eating foods with less than 5g of fat and sugar per 100g. I just want to see what it does to my body because if you can do something for 30 days, you can do it forever! If you have any suggestions for food/products that are under 5% fat and sugar, gluten free AND lactose free, either message me or leave a comment because I’ve got my fingers crossed that this isn’t going to be too restricting with my already limited diet…
I totally didn’t mean for this to turn into a massive health update but writing about this sort of stuff always makes me feel 10x better! I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday! I’m now going to snuggle with my new kitten, Simba (check out my Instagram @_thebearandme to see a photo of him) and get ready for our weekly Sunday dinner with the family! 


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