30 Minutes A Day

For the past seven days I have been doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day and I already feel a difference. I feel like my mood has improved, my pants are looser and I generally have more energy, as long as I have had enough sleep the night before! Ha ha! And it’s not surprising that I already feel better seeing as there are countless benefits to walking for 30 minutes a day. These include,


  • Improved mood
  • It gets your creative juices flowing
  • Your pants get looser – regular walking improves your body’s response to insulin which means less fat around your stomach
  • Increases metabolism by burning extra calories and preventing muscle loss
  • Reduced risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
  • Going for a morning walk will improve gastric mobility (great for people with IBS or other gastrointestinal issues)
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves memory
  • Gives you a burst of energy
  • Increases self-confidence


Just to name a few… (read more here – http://www.prevention.com/fitness/benefits-walking-every-day )


Now I don’t walk everyday, because for me I need lots of variety and walking the same route everyday gets old very quickly. Doing a short, intense workout will burn more calories per minute than a longer but lower intensity workout. So you just need to get in and get it done! This is a realisation that I have come to recently as the reason I told myself that I couldn’t go to gym is because I didn’t have the time. I was doing 1 – 1 and a 1/2 hour workouts and wasn’t seeing physical results because the intensity wasn’t there. Now I am doing intense 30 minute sessions, I feel like I am already seeing changes. There is so much you can do in 30 minutes and it is so easy to fit into your daily routine.


Exercises you can do in 30 minutes:







Bike Riding

Weight Training

Circuit Training

A lunch break workout


Some gym classes

Now remember, incidental exercise also counts! Activities like grocery shopping, cleaning (especially under furniture or wiping walls), pacing while on the phone, gardening and taking the stairs all count as exercise!

Some tips for making time for 30 minutes of exercise:

It goes without saying that getting up 30 minutes earlier is a simple and easy way of doing 30 minutes of exercise. It only takes a couple of weeks for an activity to become a habit so try it and in a few weeks you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it earlier!

If you’re like me and get an hour lunch break, use 30 minutes of it to go for a brisk walk. You’ll still have 30 minutes to eat and cool down afterwards but you will feel awesome for fitting in your exercise!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from work or the shopping centre or if you take the train or bus, get off a few stops earlier.

If you are planning on exercising in the morning, prepare your breakfast the night before. I regularly make breakfasts like Chia Seed Protein Puddings, Egg Muffins and today I made Overnight Oats for the whole working week! Preparation is key so get your clothes and shoes out the night before so you’re ready to rock and roll as soon as your alarm goes off!

I thought I would share some YouTube channels and Apps that I love using to workout. Have you used any of these before?

download (1)

POPSUGAR Fitness offers a wide range of workouts and exercises that you can do from home. They have both short workouts and longer workouts to cater for a wide range of people.


If you have followed me for a while you would know that I regularly do Yoga with Adriene videos when I am feeling stressed or run down. She literally has a yoga video for everything and yet is still able to bring out a new episode every Wednesday. She caters for so many people, and simplifies and makes move more difficult throughout her videos so you can find what feels good.

maxresdefault (1)

I am sure most people have heard about Fitness Marshall but as a dancer I have to include this one! All of his videos are so much fun and definitely get your heart pumping like dancing should!


Before I was regularly going to gym I used this app called SWORKIT. You decide how long you want to exercise for and pick whether you want to do strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. This means you can customise it to your needs which I found really good as the choice was in my hands.


Interval Timer is great if you are doing High-Intensity Interval Training a.k.a HIIT. HIIT gets your heart rate up high with a set time of high intensity exercise, followed by a shorter low intensity rest period, well that’s how I use it anyway. You burn maximum calories in a short period of time!

And lastly if you’re really stuck just search workouts on Pinterest. There are thousands of different ones from cardio, to strength to specific body area training.

Who else gets 30 minutes a day of exercise? What do you do? I’m going to try to post on my Instagram stories when I do my 30 minutes a day so you can see that I am definitely doing it! You should too! Let’s get fit and healthy together and be accountable for each other.





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