My love of learning

I love learning. I love discovering new ideas, new ways of approaching issues and furthering my professional knowledge. I work with children and yesterday I went to a professional development session about 'Developing a child-focused curriculum'. It was great! I came out of it feeling motivated and inspired. I couldn't wait to start planning. Now, … Continue reading My love of learning


Selfless Love In A Selfish World

Whether you've been in a relationship for 1 year or over 20 years, at some point or another, most couples have had to overcome a relationship rut. A relationship rut could be one, or more of the following things. It could be about communication, planning, day-to-day life, sex, arguments, chores, finance or just your other … Continue reading Selfless Love In A Selfish World

5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Spring Cleaning

Since we are moving next weekend, my partner and I have been forced into a spring clean/decluttering frenzy in the midst of packing. We did a big lot of packing last weekend and a bit more today. The rest of this week will just be packing the remainder of the house up bit by bit. … Continue reading 5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Spring Cleaning

Resolving Disagreements Without Arguing

Far out! Another big weekend done and dusted. It is now 8.50pm and I have only just started writing this blog post after briefly falling asleep at my desk. Oops! I was up at 6am, after not getting to sleep until 2am, went to dance grading, where my girls did AMAZING, then did groceries and … Continue reading Resolving Disagreements Without Arguing

When It’s Time To Move On

At one point or another, we've all experienced a relationship ending. Nobody panic, my partner and I haven't split up, today, I'm talking about friendships. As you grow older, friends come and go and eventually you're no longer friends. At the time, you can't quite figure out why but after a while I find it … Continue reading When It’s Time To Move On