My love of learning

I love learning. I love discovering new ideas, new ways of approaching issues and furthering my professional knowledge. I work with children and yesterday I went to a professional development session about 'Developing a child-focused curriculum'. It was great! I came out of it feeling motivated and inspired. I couldn't wait to start planning. Now, … Continue reading My love of learning

Unhealthy Mind, Unhealthy Body

Hello everyone! This is my first instalment of What You Don't Say. If you missed the introduction to the series you can read it here. But here's a quick summary anyway. What You Don't Say will be a series of blog posts written by various people about topics people don't talk about very often or topics I … Continue reading Unhealthy Mind, Unhealthy Body

Body Positivity and Confidence Story

I've always been the big girl. All the way through primary, secondary school and beyond. I never had any issues with body image until I left school, but now, I regularly struggle with my body image.   I was lucky as a teenager, puberty didn't hit me hard. I didn't get many breakouts, I got … Continue reading Body Positivity and Confidence Story

Moving in with your partner – the ups and the downs.

So you're thinking of moving in with your partner? You think things will stay the same as what they were when you were staying over at each other's places, but in my experience, they don't. Moving in with your partner is a massive roller-coaster. There's ups and downs and twists and turns. Sometimes you get … Continue reading Moving in with your partner – the ups and the downs.