My love of learning

I love learning. I love discovering new ideas, new ways of approaching issues and furthering my professional knowledge. I work with children and yesterday I went to a professional development session about 'Developing a child-focused curriculum'. It was great! I came out of it feeling motivated and inspired. I couldn't wait to start planning. Now, … Continue reading My love of learning

When It’s Time To Move On

At one point or another, we've all experienced a relationship ending. Nobody panic, my partner and I haven't split up, today, I'm talking about friendships. As you grow older, friends come and go and eventually you're no longer friends. At the time, you can't quite figure out why but after a while I find it … Continue reading When It’s Time To Move On

Lactose Free Sticky Date Pudding Recipe

Hey everyone!   I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, mine certainly was! I've been super busy this weekend, especially because I spent basically half of Saturday sleeping in... Oops! I obviously needed the sleep! On Saturday night we had our family's Christmas in July and I made this delicious variation of my Mum's … Continue reading Lactose Free Sticky Date Pudding Recipe

Unhealthy Mind, Unhealthy Body

Hello everyone! This is my first instalment ofΒ What You Don't Say. If you missed the introduction to the series you can read it here. But here's a quick summary anyway.Β What You Don't Say will be a series of blog posts written by various people about topics people don't talk about very often or topics I … Continue reading Unhealthy Mind, Unhealthy Body