My love of learning

I love learning. I love discovering new ideas, new ways of approaching issues and furthering my professional knowledge. I work with children and yesterday I went to a professional development session about 'Developing a child-focused curriculum'. It was great! I came out of it feeling motivated and inspired. I couldn't wait to start planning. Now, … Continue reading My love of learning


New Baby Present: DIY Nappy Cake

Earlier this month I gifted a nappy cake to a friend of ours who had just had a baby. It was easier to put together and create than I originally thought so I decided to share it with you! What You Need:60 infant nappies 28 newborn nappies 3 wraps 4 wash cloths 4 pairs of … Continue reading New Baby Present: DIY Nappy Cake

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

For those who may be new here or don't yet know, as of tomorrow, Luke and I will have been engaged for three months. I know, it's crazy! The last three months have been an absolute whirlwind. Between getting engaged, Christmas, New Years, going back to work, and getting into uni, we have also been planning our engagement party and wedding. It's currently just over 13 months until we get married and I honestly can not wait to marry Luke.

Christmas Guide 2017

Yes I know, I've been a shitty blogger lately but finally, here is my Christmas Guide for 2017! This will have recipes, small business recommendations and gift ideas! We've still got over a week until Christmas so have a read and get some last-minute ideas.   My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Recipes - these recipes have … Continue reading Christmas Guide 2017

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's my favourite time of year, the holiday season! Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year, and no, not just because of the presents! I love spending time with my family, giving gifts, listening to Christmas carols, baking treats, going to look at all the Christmas lights... I could go on … Continue reading It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

20 Things People Say To You After Getting Engaged

It has officially been a week since we got engaged! I'm pretty sure I am still in shock and I can't stop looking at my ring! If you missed it last week, you can read our proposal story here. Thank you to everyone who congratulated us and sent love and well wishes our way. We … Continue reading 20 Things People Say To You After Getting Engaged

Holy shit! We’re getting married! 

What a perfect way to end the weekend! He asked, I said yes!  Of course I’m going to give you more details than that! The hard part is putting all of these feelings into words! It’s all so surreal, I still can’t believe it’s happening!  This afternoon we headed up to Red Beach at Bribie … Continue reading Holy shit! We’re getting married! 

10 Ways To Be More Successful In Everyday Life

Being successful has a different definition for every person. Some people define success through work, some money, some happiness and some relationships. There are so many ways to define success but I'm one of those people who takes more of a holistic approach and I define success just in everyday life, as long as I … Continue reading 10 Ways To Be More Successful In Everyday Life